Suicide… yeah I know.. Suicide might be a strange topic for a blog or something but it has come to my mind to write something about them who commit suicide and why they do it.

It always upset me why people commit suicide??? I know someone will say that they are stupid or something.. someone might say they are cowards or selfish but the BITTER truth is that they are not stupid or selfish or something like they have no feelings for their family and friends. They actually have feelings for them but somehow they think that who they care most in the world might have unintentionally scattered their feelings and hurt them very badly that they took that silly step to end their life.

I know I might sound like that I am also out of my mind but I’m not. They are not selfish and most importantly they are not at all cowards. we as a society think that we are superior to someone and also it’s our damn right to judge someone’s life without even knowing the reality. We are actually responsible if someone is committing suicide because we judge them more often and we let them feel neglected and also we made them feel that they have no value of their own in this world. We as a society keep reminding them that they are useless and also keep nagging them that they are the worst than others.

The person who is committing suicide actually thinks that the world doesn’t care if they live or die. They also think that society doesn’t need them to be a part of and they will be in a better place after leaving this reality world and going to a dream world of their own where they can actually enjoy their life and also they will be far happier than they were in reality.

Everybody in this world has the same right to live their life as they want. Society has no right to judge someone’s life and more importantly no one is superior than anyone. Everyone has their own talent and no one has the right to judge others life. Society more often judges because they want to be like you but they can’t so they try to judge to break your heart and shatter all of your dreams so that you can never go ahead in your life.

So my friends, Never judge anyone’s life. you live yours and let others live theirs. We as a society has to stop making excuses if someone committing suicide like they are cowards or selfish but the reality is we actually convince them to do such a foolish thing to end their lives.

And for those who is thinking to commit suicide, please don’t do it because you are also special and you are strong enough to take this challenge to fight the world on your own, you don’t need anyone to point a finger to you and say that you are nothing instead you can show them your finger .. yeah your middle finger and yell at them F#*K off…. if they can live without you, you also can live without them.. you don’t need them in your life if they don’t need you in theirs. So enjoy your life to the fullest and forget about the world. CHEERS!!!!


“I am no bird, and no NET ensnares me. I am a FREE human being with an independent will”

3 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. Hii sourabhk. What i lyk da most abt ur blog is dat it somewhere make somebody to think.twice abt what he or she is losing.yes u r ryt v all r worthy …and dis is needed to be understood optimistic blog ..keep writing☺ all da v best

  2. Yes suicide is really a strange topic….. One should nt get rid from the lyf… Nd here ur point of view iz absolutely rght dat society judge ones life widout knowing d reality… Nd dat make people to think about suicide…. Dats one of d reason ….

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