Namaste is an Indian culture gesture for greeting each other. Namaste actually greets with folding our hands with a smile and respect shown to others. Namaste is a polite and generous way to start a conversation. Indians usually start any conversation with greeting Namaste to each other with folded hands and smile on their faces. It shows the ancestor’s values and religious background of a person who greet with Namaste.

While greeting with this gesture, it shows the calmness and richness of a person who is giving respect in a polite manner to another person.This gesture actually has a meaning behind it which is not common to the new generation. This gesture actually means that no one is big or small in itself still one can greet another with full of respect and fold their hands to show that they actually care about their feelings and has no ego or any kind of haughtiness towards them.

This gesture may help to connect with another person’s feelings more profoundly that it can heal the itchiness of a relationship and start another chapter with full of energy and respect. This gesture is so powerful in itself that if someone is angry with you and you can greet with this gesture with a smile, the other person can see in your eyes the respect you have shown and the anger will vanish within a second.

This gesture has his religious background as well. While according to the Indian Hindu god’s mythology, Hindu gods greet everyone with this gesture and also respect every living person. This gesture according to them was that one’s soul honor another soul, they show the respect by greeting Namaste. It also means that one can honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace reside in one’s soul because it resides in everyone. In sharing these things everyone on this planet is same and also united.

“Namaste – the divine in me honours the divine in you” – anonymous

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