I’m Guilty

Yes, I am GUILTY.

Why??? Let me explain.

I am guilty because i believe in things which were unbelievable. i trusted those who were not meant to be trusted. i held onto them who never wanted me to be around.

A friend what you want to have in your life with whom you share everything and also who stand by you when you in need. I had so many friends with whom I shared everything in my life and they in return made fun of me for everything. I am guilty that i had so many friends.

I found love in so many girls but they all left me because i was so nice to them or for some i was not their kind. I begged to some for not leaving me but not everyone has the same feelings. So, I am guilty that i was nice and I shared my feelings with every single girl I like.

I trusted my seniors to help me for something I am fighting for but instead I was giving them reasons to use me and squeeze every drop of blood from my body for their need. I am guilty because I let them use me for their benefit.

I respected my elders but in return they dominate me in everything I desire. I was a puppet to whom they used for everything they want to have. I am guilty I respected them which they didn’t even bother and be a slave for them.

Yes, I am guilty and I have no regrets because whatever happened I was the one who was making all the decisions and its life and I will never change myself but I will might change my surroundings.


“Everyone wants to know the truth but no one wants to be honest, at-least i am honest”


4 thoughts on “I’m Guilty

  1. Hi sourabh ..really its an honest answer from a person who suffered alot ..but never spoken ill anyone….and welcomed every stone and passive view point…gr8 and truthful work..keep going..well done

  2. Its really true….. D one who suffered he/she might b know about dis….

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