What is Greed???

Greed is something we want to grab it before anyone else in this materialistic world which almost replaced the word desire and needs. Greed almost took over the emotions which we use to have it for the desires. Greed is a negative word but it has become positive in this negative world. We are being so busy in our greed these days that we have forgotten the real emotions towards our desires and needs.

I know greed is silly but in this world GREED is the most important expression to describe their needs. Everyone in this world is greedy. I know some of you won’t agree with me but you know that you are also greedy. There is nothing to be ashamed of being greedy in this world until unless your greed doesn’t affect anybody else’s life.

Greedy is good only if it benefits you and it’s not affecting anyone’s life. If someone asks me that if I am GREEDY or not? I will answer them with a big “YES” and will proudly say that I am greedy.

Why will I answer that? Well, Honestly I am greedy and there is nothing to deny about it. I am greedy for my dreams to become reality. I am greedy to be nice to others even they don’t reciprocate. I am greedy to spread smiles and make everyone smile because, in this materialist world, everyone has forgotten to smile or laugh. I am greedy to achieve my goals. I am greedy, to be honest with my friends and relatives. I am greedy to be trustworthy for my relationships with my partners. I am greedy to be faithful and humble towards my friends and family. I am greedy to be there whenever anyone needs help. I am greedy and I am proud of that.

I would suggest everyone to be greedy to pursue their dreams and take initiative to achieve what they want instead of wasting time to blame others for their negligence. Greed is not a bad word or a negative word but used as a positive thinking to achieve positive results then greed is the most powerful word. if someone willing to give up everything and allow greed to take over to achieve what he always wanted it to be then I think greed is good for him.

Your position in this materialistic world or corporate world won’t take you anywhere but your talent or your greed to achieve your true passion will seriously take you where ever you want it to be. There is another thing apart from greed is in this society is the jealousy. I would like to warn my friends that Greed is good until unless it becomes the jealousy. Focus on what you want in your life not what others want you to be.

So, instead of waiting for the miracle to happen just be the greedy person and take initiative to achieve what you always wanted it to be.

“There is nothing wrong to be greedy until unless it doesn’t affect your surroundings and only benefiting you”

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