Smile, a simple yet most powerful gesture we have but we all are busy in our lives that we forgot how to smile or laugh. Nowadays we usually look for reasons to smile or laugh like watching comedy shows, movies etc. This only gives us short term happiness which we always forget about in the end of that show or movie. So, instead looking for reason to smile why cant we smile all the time, even if we walking on the road or in the park, when making eye contact to a stranger, why cant we smile anymore.

You know why??

Because we are full of worries these days that we have no time to make relations and even we don’t want to make relations with strangers anymore. We are so scared to share the laugh or share anything with others that we’ve become so self centered that we don’t want anyone to interfere in our lives anymore and also we even almost forgot how to live in this world.

Strange??? but its true my friend. So……Smile…..

Smile can make so many relations without even saying any word to anyone. sometimes when someone smiling at us and we don’t respond in the same way then the other person might think we have some kind of attitude or haughtiness and they can perceive our nature in a bad way or they might also think we are some kind of jerk or something but instead if we smile in response to smile then there is a good chance to be in a good gestural relationship with the other person and you never know the other person might also share same thoughts that we have and become our friend or more.

Life is not a struggle to live, life is only about to live and the way you choose, it will become your fate and destiny to live your life. So, smile all the time and let no worries enter in your mind and make you a puppet of it. Show your problems that you have better reasons to smile and live your life rather than worrying about your problems. Problems only exist in our life to make us stronger not weaker to live. Problems and struggles are merely a part of our life not everything in our life.

So, Stop worrying about anything in your life. Live your life with full of happiness with your friends and families and make a better living. No one knows the future so believe me and let no worries troubles you anymore. Cheers!!!!

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”

One thought on “Smile

  1. It is true.One must smile
    Let all worries vanish
    U ‘ve to be self oriented to overcome all difficulties that come Ur way
    Zara muskraye

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