Its very powerful yet most frequently used word these days. S-O-R-R-Y five letters which have huge impact on our generation nowadays. Some use it as for hiding their mistakes and Some use it as a shield for doing some wrong things. Only a little amount of people actually Means it.

Now if someone says Sorry to me, without hesitation I laugh at them because i know that they don’t mean it.

Wondering why i laugh?? Okay, let me tell you a short story again.

A guy was sitting in a busy coffee shop in his town and was busy reading his favorite book. While reading, he heard some sort of argumentative noises and he looked up and saw that a gentleman who was wearing a 3-piece suit and holding his cup of coffee was arguing with the staff not giving him his usual order. The staff member then apologized for it and offered him another and his usual coffee order.

When gentleman left the coffee shop, the staff member who gave him his wrong order got busy talking with his co-staff member ignoring the fact that he used simple yet heavy word SORRY to hide his mistake and fooled the gentleman that he was SORRY for his actions which in fact he was not as he repeated the same mistake with his next orders also.

The whole time that guy was sitting in the shop noticed that the staff member used SORRY word in each and every customer he served behind the counter.

Well, Nowadays this word is worthless and useless because this word has lost its importance. This word is only be useful, if someone actually mean it after any mistake or blunder.

So, my friends I have a request and a suggestion that Please don’t use this word SORRY more often if you don’t mean it. Make this word useful again and important too for living.

“I have always found it HARD to say SORRY If I don’t MEAN it”


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