A Hug

How do you react, If I ask you to HUG me?

Strange? Isn’t it.

Well, i was thinking about a hug, handshake or any form of interaction with someone else with same or opposite sex.  A handshake or any other form of saying hello, other than a HUG, can be fake one but one can’t fake a HUG. you only hug others when you trust them more than you trust yourself. From my point of view, In a relationship a kiss has an important part but more importantly is a HUG.

You can give as many hugs as you can to anyone who is known to you but have you tried with strangers? Oh yeah, Let me share a short story with you.

I was walking down the street in a rainy day and i saw a beggar at the bus stop who was sitting in the corner of that bus stop to avoid the raindrops which was falling from the rooftop. It was a cold night and he was shivering like he was ill or something. I put my hand in my pocket to look for something to give him but unfortunately i couldn’t find any penny as i was also broke. I felt very bad that i wanted to help him but i couldn’t do it.

I could easily walked down from there but my feet jammed at one place and i couldn’t move from there at first but it moved when i decided to go there and talk to him and find some help if he needed any. So I went there and sat next to him. He didn’t noticed me at first but later he looked at me and I was shocked to see he was smiling at me and then he asked me how my day was. 

I was touched and I held his hand and gave him a HUG. He also responded tightly with his lower strengthen arms and when we finished hugging each other, we both were crying ( Don’t know why) but it felt like he was known to me instead of complete stranger.

So My friends, I want you to give at least one HUG to complete stranger and feel the difference on your own. You could make someone else’s day by doing this and also give them happiness which they might have forgotten to live with in their life. Moreover, you will also feel motivated in your own life and it could be stepping stone for something better in your life.

Live your life and let others live theirs and spread only Love.

Cheers !!!!

“Sometimes it’s better to put love into HUGS than to put into words” Anonymous.

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