Selfish World

Why we think that we live in a selfish world?

world is not selfish as we don’t want to see the other side of it. We become so self centered nowadays that we forgot that other person is also a human being and he also share the same feelings like we do. We are the one who make the world to be selfish or should i say unfair for us. We are the one to blame for the selfishness around us as we never respected the feelings of others. We never think that the other guy to whom we are about to con is also a human being who gave us respect and trusted us. We never thought that we are not going to con him but we are about to betray his trust and faith which he has for us.

When we make our decisions selfishly, the other person who trusted us loose his trust for others also and he also become selfish like us. when he do the same, the third person become selfish and so on and on. So how can we blame the world to be unfair or selfish for us as we were the one who started off the chain.

So my friends, if you want to live in selfless world, we have to change ourselves before changing the world or others. Before making up your mind or before saying anything to anyone think twice before saying it, think about their feelings, think about their trust for you, etc. Its like give and take. so if you want to be respected then you have to give respect to others also. Its like you cant clap with one hand only. To make a sound you have to use the other hand.


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