Interacting with Inner-self

Whenever you are alone, never think you are alone… you have your inner-self to talk to and when you interact with your inner-self you will feel relaxed and better person after interacting with yourself. if you are happy, you should interact with your inner-self and congratulate him as well. if you are in trouble then you can ask your inner-self with the best option you have and he will guide you through in your bad time and will lead you to the better position.

Its like meditating for me…

There are some lines i wrote while interacting with mirror and later on i feel relaxed and revived…

“Mirror Mirror Mirror

Show me my Image real,

If I’m BAD, show me BAD

If I’m good, Reflect the same back

Stick with conscious seal

Mirror Mirror Mirror

Show me my Image real….

I know now who I was,

I know now where I was,

wrong at some point,

But right intention stood at Last,

I know now who I am,

I know now what I want

to change the whole perception

is now my priority Deal,

Mirror Mirror Mirror

Show me Image REAL….”


I hope you like and your feedback will be much appreciated…. THANKS

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