What is Greed???

Greed is something we want to grab it before anyone else in this materialistic world which almost replaced the word desire and needs. Greed almost took over the emotions which we use to have it for the desires. Greed is a negative word but it has become positive in this negative world. We are being so busy in our greed these days that we have forgotten the real emotions towards our desires and needs.

I know greed is silly but in this world GREED is the most important expression to describe their needs. Everyone in this world is greedy. I know some of you won’t agree with me but you know that you are also greedy. There is nothing to be ashamed of being greedy in this world until unless your greed doesn’t affect anybody else’s life.

Greedy is good only if it benefits you and it’s not affecting anyone’s life. If someone asks me that if I am GREEDY or not? I will answer them with a big “YES” and will proudly say that I am greedy.

Why will I answer that? Well, Honestly I am greedy and there is nothing to deny about it. I am greedy for my dreams to become reality. I am greedy to be nice to others even they don’t reciprocate. I am greedy to spread smiles and make everyone smile because, in this materialist world, everyone has forgotten to smile or laugh. I am greedy to achieve my goals. I am greedy, to be honest with my friends and relatives. I am greedy to be trustworthy for my relationships with my partners. I am greedy to be faithful and humble towards my friends and family. I am greedy to be there whenever anyone needs help. I am greedy and I am proud of that.

I would suggest everyone to be greedy to pursue their dreams and take initiative to achieve what they want instead of wasting time to blame others for their negligence. Greed is not a bad word or a negative word but used as a positive thinking to achieve positive results then greed is the most powerful word. if someone willing to give up everything and allow greed to take over to achieve what he always wanted it to be then I think greed is good for him.

Your position in this materialistic world or corporate world won’t take you anywhere but your talent or your greed to achieve your true passion will seriously take you where ever you want it to be. There is another thing apart from greed is in this society is the jealousy. I would like to warn my friends that Greed is good until unless it becomes the jealousy. Focus on what you want in your life not what others want you to be.

So, instead of waiting for the miracle to happen just be the greedy person and take initiative to achieve what you always wanted it to be.

“There is nothing wrong to be greedy until unless it doesn’t affect your surroundings and only benefiting you”


Suicide… yeah I know.. Suicide might be a strange topic for a blog or something but it has come to my mind to write something about them who commit suicide and why they do it.

It always upset me why people commit suicide??? I know someone will say that they are stupid or something.. someone might say they are cowards or selfish but the BITTER truth is that they are not stupid or selfish or something like they have no feelings for their family and friends. They actually have feelings for them but somehow they think that who they care most in the world might have unintentionally scattered their feelings and hurt them very badly that they took that silly step to end their life.

I know I might sound like that I am also out of my mind but I’m not. They are not selfish and most importantly they are not at all cowards. we as a society think that we are superior to someone and also it’s our damn right to judge someone’s life without even knowing the reality. We are actually responsible if someone is committing suicide because we judge them more often and we let them feel neglected and also we made them feel that they have no value of their own in this world. We as a society keep reminding them that they are useless and also keep nagging them that they are the worst than others.

The person who is committing suicide actually thinks that the world doesn’t care if they live or die. They also think that society doesn’t need them to be a part of and they will be in a better place after leaving this reality world and going to a dream world of their own where they can actually enjoy their life and also they will be far happier than they were in reality.

Everybody in this world has the same right to live their life as they want. Society has no right to judge someone’s life and more importantly no one is superior than anyone. Everyone has their own talent and no one has the right to judge others life. Society more often judges because they want to be like you but they can’t so they try to judge to break your heart and shatter all of your dreams so that you can never go ahead in your life.

So my friends, Never judge anyone’s life. you live yours and let others live theirs. We as a society has to stop making excuses if someone committing suicide like they are cowards or selfish but the reality is we actually convince them to do such a foolish thing to end their lives.

And for those who is thinking to commit suicide, please don’t do it because you are also special and you are strong enough to take this challenge to fight the world on your own, you don’t need anyone to point a finger to you and say that you are nothing instead you can show them your finger .. yeah your middle finger and yell at them F#*K off…. if they can live without you, you also can live without them.. you don’t need them in your life if they don’t need you in theirs. So enjoy your life to the fullest and forget about the world. CHEERS!!!!


“I am no bird, and no NET ensnares me. I am a FREE human being with an independent will”


Namaste is an Indian culture gesture for greeting each other. Namaste actually greets with folding our hands with a smile and respect shown to others. Namaste is a polite and generous way to start a conversation. Indians usually start any conversation with greeting Namaste to each other with folded hands and smile on their faces. It shows the ancestor’s values and religious background of a person who greet with Namaste.

While greeting with this gesture, it shows the calmness and richness of a person who is giving respect in a polite manner to another person.This gesture actually has a meaning behind it which is not common to the new generation. This gesture actually means that no one is big or small in itself still one can greet another with full of respect and fold their hands to show that they actually care about their feelings and has no ego or any kind of haughtiness towards them.

This gesture may help to connect with another person’s feelings more profoundly that it can heal the itchiness of a relationship and start another chapter with full of energy and respect. This gesture is so powerful in itself that if someone is angry with you and you can greet with this gesture with a smile, the other person can see in your eyes the respect you have shown and the anger will vanish within a second.

This gesture has his religious background as well. While according to the Indian Hindu god’s mythology, Hindu gods greet everyone with this gesture and also respect every living person. This gesture according to them was that one’s soul honor another soul, they show the respect by greeting Namaste. It also means that one can honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace reside in one’s soul because it resides in everyone. In sharing these things everyone on this planet is same and also united.

“Namaste – the divine in me honours the divine in you” – anonymous


Smile, a simple yet most powerful gesture we have but we all are busy in our lives that we forgot how to smile or laugh. Nowadays we usually look for reasons to smile or laugh like watching comedy shows, movies etc. This only gives us short term happiness which we always forget about in the end of that show or movie. So, instead looking for reason to smile why cant we smile all the time, even if we walking on the road or in the park, when making eye contact to a stranger, why cant we smile anymore.

You know why??

Because we are full of worries these days that we have no time to make relations and even we don’t want to make relations with strangers anymore. We are so scared to share the laugh or share anything with others that we’ve become so self centered that we don’t want anyone to interfere in our lives anymore and also we even almost forgot how to live in this world.

Strange??? but its true my friend. So……Smile…..

Smile can make so many relations without even saying any word to anyone. sometimes when someone smiling at us and we don’t respond in the same way then the other person might think we have some kind of attitude or haughtiness and they can perceive our nature in a bad way or they might also think we are some kind of jerk or something but instead if we smile in response to smile then there is a good chance to be in a good gestural relationship with the other person and you never know the other person might also share same thoughts that we have and become our friend or more.

Life is not a struggle to live, life is only about to live and the way you choose, it will become your fate and destiny to live your life. So, smile all the time and let no worries enter in your mind and make you a puppet of it. Show your problems that you have better reasons to smile and live your life rather than worrying about your problems. Problems only exist in our life to make us stronger not weaker to live. Problems and struggles are merely a part of our life not everything in our life.

So, Stop worrying about anything in your life. Live your life with full of happiness with your friends and families and make a better living. No one knows the future so believe me and let no worries troubles you anymore. Cheers!!!!

“If you’re reading this…
Congratulations, you’re alive.
If that’s not something to smile about,
then I don’t know what is.”

I’m Guilty

Yes, I am GUILTY.

Why??? Let me explain.

I am guilty because i believe in things which were unbelievable. i trusted those who were not meant to be trusted. i held onto them who never wanted me to be around.

A friend what you want to have in your life with whom you share everything and also who stand by you when you in need. I had so many friends with whom I shared everything in my life and they in return made fun of me for everything. I am guilty that i had so many friends.

I found love in so many girls but they all left me because i was so nice to them or for some i was not their kind. I begged to some for not leaving me but not everyone has the same feelings. So, I am guilty that i was nice and I shared my feelings with every single girl I like.

I trusted my seniors to help me for something I am fighting for but instead I was giving them reasons to use me and squeeze every drop of blood from my body for their need. I am guilty because I let them use me for their benefit.

I respected my elders but in return they dominate me in everything I desire. I was a puppet to whom they used for everything they want to have. I am guilty I respected them which they didn’t even bother and be a slave for them.

Yes, I am guilty and I have no regrets because whatever happened I was the one who was making all the decisions and its life and I will never change myself but I will might change my surroundings.


“Everyone wants to know the truth but no one wants to be honest, at-least i am honest”


One day of Freedom

Wondering what will be this blog about??

Well, this is about taking time off from your busy schedule and live for one day before returning to your daily routine. I know some will not agree with me but sometimes its good to go out alone and do what you desire in your dreams.

I took time off from my busy life and went for a drive, a very long drive of 6 hours continuous and lived my life for one day before returning to my slavery of materialistic world. I didn’t switch my phone on while I was enjoying my drive and admiring beautiful nature. Instead returning calls and letting everyone ruin my day with their sorrows and reminding me of my sorrows, I chose not to use the phone.

It was very enjoyable drive and perfect day for me. I would love to do it again and I would suggest everyone to do it because you only live once, I know its hard for some and everyone has his own surrounding which don’t let them do that. Just for one day, forget everything and let it all go for one day and live your dreams and I am sure you will never regret that.

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”    –Eleanor Roosevelt


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Its very powerful yet most frequently used word these days. S-O-R-R-Y five letters which have huge impact on our generation nowadays. Some use it as for hiding their mistakes and Some use it as a shield for doing some wrong things. Only a little amount of people actually Means it.

Now if someone says Sorry to me, without hesitation I laugh at them because i know that they don’t mean it.

Wondering why i laugh?? Okay, let me tell you a short story again.

A guy was sitting in a busy coffee shop in his town and was busy reading his favorite book. While reading, he heard some sort of argumentative noises and he looked up and saw that a gentleman who was wearing a 3-piece suit and holding his cup of coffee was arguing with the staff not giving him his usual order. The staff member then apologized for it and offered him another and his usual coffee order.

When gentleman left the coffee shop, the staff member who gave him his wrong order got busy talking with his co-staff member ignoring the fact that he used simple yet heavy word SORRY to hide his mistake and fooled the gentleman that he was SORRY for his actions which in fact he was not as he repeated the same mistake with his next orders also.

The whole time that guy was sitting in the shop noticed that the staff member used SORRY word in each and every customer he served behind the counter.

Well, Nowadays this word is worthless and useless because this word has lost its importance. This word is only be useful, if someone actually mean it after any mistake or blunder.

So, my friends I have a request and a suggestion that Please don’t use this word SORRY more often if you don’t mean it. Make this word useful again and important too for living.

“I have always found it HARD to say SORRY If I don’t MEAN it”


A Hug

How do you react, If I ask you to HUG me?

Strange? Isn’t it.

Well, i was thinking about a hug, handshake or any form of interaction with someone else with same or opposite sex.  A handshake or any other form of saying hello, other than a HUG, can be fake one but one can’t fake a HUG. you only hug others when you trust them more than you trust yourself. From my point of view, In a relationship a kiss has an important part but more importantly is a HUG.

You can give as many hugs as you can to anyone who is known to you but have you tried with strangers? Oh yeah, Let me share a short story with you.

I was walking down the street in a rainy day and i saw a beggar at the bus stop who was sitting in the corner of that bus stop to avoid the raindrops which was falling from the rooftop. It was a cold night and he was shivering like he was ill or something. I put my hand in my pocket to look for something to give him but unfortunately i couldn’t find any penny as i was also broke. I felt very bad that i wanted to help him but i couldn’t do it.

I could easily walked down from there but my feet jammed at one place and i couldn’t move from there at first but it moved when i decided to go there and talk to him and find some help if he needed any. So I went there and sat next to him. He didn’t noticed me at first but later he looked at me and I was shocked to see he was smiling at me and then he asked me how my day was. 

I was touched and I held his hand and gave him a HUG. He also responded tightly with his lower strengthen arms and when we finished hugging each other, we both were crying ( Don’t know why) but it felt like he was known to me instead of complete stranger.

So My friends, I want you to give at least one HUG to complete stranger and feel the difference on your own. You could make someone else’s day by doing this and also give them happiness which they might have forgotten to live with in their life. Moreover, you will also feel motivated in your own life and it could be stepping stone for something better in your life.

Live your life and let others live theirs and spread only Love.

Cheers !!!!

“Sometimes it’s better to put love into HUGS than to put into words” Anonymous.


Some say that dreams aren’t real and dreamers are losers but I say that if you want to live your life and want to be happy in your life then you have to have some dream on you. Its your life and no one else has control over it apart from you. You don’t have to worry about what someone else will feel about you or what they will think about you when you do something different. Society will always criticize you no matter what you do or what you achieve in your life. They will always find something to bitch about you.

If someone say that you cant do what you want to do in your life then It means they are the one who cant do that thing in their life and they don’t want you to do it either. So, If you have some dreams on you which you want to fulfill in your life or should I say you want to live with it then you have to protect it without sharing with anyone and you have to come out from your comfort-zone. You have to polish your skills on your own as no one will help you to do that also and even you cant expect someone to help you out.

So My friends, if you want to be happy in your life then you should protect your dreams and fulfill it on your own and stay happy and blessed.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

Selfish World

Why we think that we live in a selfish world?

world is not selfish as we don’t want to see the other side of it. We become so self centered nowadays that we forgot that other person is also a human being and he also share the same feelings like we do. We are the one who make the world to be selfish or should i say unfair for us. We are the one to blame for the selfishness around us as we never respected the feelings of others. We never think that the other guy to whom we are about to con is also a human being who gave us respect and trusted us. We never thought that we are not going to con him but we are about to betray his trust and faith which he has for us.

When we make our decisions selfishly, the other person who trusted us loose his trust for others also and he also become selfish like us. when he do the same, the third person become selfish and so on and on. So how can we blame the world to be unfair or selfish for us as we were the one who started off the chain.

So my friends, if you want to live in selfless world, we have to change ourselves before changing the world or others. Before making up your mind or before saying anything to anyone think twice before saying it, think about their feelings, think about their trust for you, etc. Its like give and take. so if you want to be respected then you have to give respect to others also. Its like you cant clap with one hand only. To make a sound you have to use the other hand.